Thank you for visiting our website! We are a group of people of different ages who all believe in an incredible God, the God that we read about in the Bible. He sent his only son into this world that every person might have the chance to lead a meaningful, fulfilled life, a life free of guilt and selfishness.

We come from different backgrounds and different countries, such as the USA, Hungary, Africa and Germany. We are employees, housewives, freelance workers, and students. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, background or income. None of us is perfect, and we certainly don't have all the answers. Together we can help one another and search for answers to life's questions, answers that God gives us in his word, the Bible.

We are a free church, without any connection to a church organization. Our work is completely financed through volunteer contributions. We are simply Christians, and go by the name of the one who saved us! (Romans 16:16)

Hopefully we will see you soon!

„...I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.“ -John 10:10, NIV



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Natonekstraße 21
04155 Leipzig

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We are moving! In September of this year, we will have a new place to meet. The new address is:

Natonekstraße 21
04155 Leipzig

Our first worship service in the new location will be on September 8th.



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